LSKY is the main inflight catering provider for Hi Fly, a leading wet lease airline that operates its own flights single-use plastic free. Working alongside Hi Fly, LSKY team worked hard to revolutionize the way the industry has been dealing with single-use plastic and waste management.

LSKY replaced plastic with bamboo cutlery, cups, spoons, and salt and pepper shakers, while packaging for bedding, dishes, individual butter pots, soft drink bottles and toothbrushes were switched with compostable alternatives crafted from recycled material.


LSKY has long been pioneer for greener inflight catering and serious about the future of the planet and our responsibility to future generations.

The company provided the inflight catering for the world’s first ever ‘plastic-free’ trial flight from Lisbon to Natal, Brazil, on an Hi Fly Airbus A340 in December 2018. This was quickly followed with three further ‘plastic-free’ test flights in addition to a series of 12 reduced plastic journeys.

These flight tests concludes that every commercial passenger long haul flight that takes to the air with no single-use plastic items on board prevents around 350 kg of single-use, virtually indestructible plastic from poisoning our environment.