LSKY has a catering unit dedicated to business aviation in which are prepared high-quality gourmet meals, specially conceived for private, corporate, VIP, governmental and royal flights.

The unit consists of two kitchens, each one equipped accordingly to the type of dish to prepare: one conceived for the cooking of warm meals and other one designed for the preparation of cold meals.

The making of all dishes, warm or cold, follows a rigorous methodology which comprehends control of all parameters to ensure safety and quality. Furthermore, the exclusive use of fresh and selected products of high quality guarantees a high nutritional value and a refined flavour to the meals.

This specialization and the continuous monitoring of the production process, performed by LSKY and by independent entities, ensure the perfect condition and refinement of the available products for business aviation.

LSKY supplies catering for major companies in the aviation industry including Commercial, Private, Corporate, VIP, Government and Royal aircraft.